What We Do


Trident Export Compliance can provide on-site and distance consulting services, from initial inquiry to shipment, which guide and protect a company. This includes submitting license determination requests, querying government databases for end-user restrictions, end user vetting, and reporting requirements on electronic export informations.


Trident Export Compliance can provide training to groups large and small and individual tutoring to essential personnel on all matters of export compliance, including:

  • U.S. export laws and regulations, including ITAR, EAR, OFAC and Customs regulations
  • Commodity jurisdiction and license determination
  • End user vetting and reporting requirements
  • How to identify indicators of suspicious procurement

Audits and Investigations

Trident Export Compliance offers the trained eye and skillsets gained in years of criminal investigations to identify potential illegal exports and mitigate unfavorable outcomes. The U.S. Government allows for a process called 'voluntary self disclosure' which minimizes a company's exposure to significant criminal and civil penalties, provided the information is accurate and comprehensive. Trident can provide an independent investigation to fully ascertain the facts and circumstances involved.

Export compliance is a complicated matrix of laws and regulations in the U.S., for good reason. U.S. technology is highly sought on the global marketplace, including by adversaries and enemies. U.S. companies can face significant penalties for non-compliance with U.S. export laws, including criminal prosecution, civil penalties, and debarment. Trident Export Compliance can assist in navigating complex regulatory requirements and implementing procedures to ensure full compliance and due diligence obligations.

How We Can Help

Your company wants to expand into global markets, but your personnel have limited global trade experience.

Trident can provide training and tutoring to personnel, ranging from sales representatives, export compliance officers, shipping personnel, and managers, on how to meet their legal obligations as manufacturers and exporters of U.S. defense technologies.

Trident can conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation to document the facts and circumstances in support of voluntary self-disclosure and identify potential corrective actions to reduce future occurrence.

Trident can provide consulting services to guide the process, from initial inquiry to shipment, on all applicable requirements and obligations. What can be shipped from Canada to China varies depending on license determination, export control classification, country control chart, and end user restrictions. Trident can help navigate complex and layered restrictions, protecting your business while expanding business.

Trident can you help you identify key components to make this determination.

  • Defense Manufacturers and Exporters
  • Parts Brokers
  • Import/Export Companies
  • Retailers
  • Law Firms
  • Academia and Research Facilities